Month: August 2013

Wisconsin: Arts, Crafts, Shooting, & Beer!

My time in Wisconsin has continued to be entertaining, and also fairly uneventful, a relief after some of the “interesting” times I’ve been through lately. I’ve been taking this week as a good chance to re-group after Pennsic, rest, work on some projects, and I’ve also been doing some “real […]

A Week in Wisconsin

Guess where I am? Ok, I gave it away with the title, but I’m fairly sure that most of you wouldn’t think of Wisconsin as a likely spot for Adventure Girl Vandy to visit. So why am I in Wisconsin? A very good reason actually; after Pennsic I drove back […]

Pennsic War!

Hey everyone, I just got back from Pennsic War, the largest Society for Creative Anachronism event in the world. Pennsic consists of two weeks of camping, in what is usually a pretty hot and muggy environment, but also can be a very rainy at times. This was a good year. […]