Runestone, Needlework, T’s

I realized last week that I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t updated my blog in far too long, so here is a quick peek into what I’ve been up to.

While at RadCon I once again found myself wishing that I had the opportunity to do some more film props work. Somehow, within two weeks of RadCon, I ended up signed up to be a subject specialist and props person for Runestone! I’m also stepping in to assist with some costuming, and will be around for on-location filming as well, all of which is seriously exciting, and so far a lot of fun.

Here is the studio’s blurb on Runestone:

Runestone is a historically inspired epic Viking saga presented as a live action mini-series and a SAG-AFTRA signatory television series. We are currently in early pre-production stages of the show. The plot outline is as follows: It is the late 9th Century. To avoid a blood feud with neighboring Jarl, our Viking hersir evacuates his fishing village and sails his longboat into unknown waters. A powerful storm blows the ship adrift, and eventually they make landfall in the New World – populated by tribes of indigenous peoples. It is a curious event for the witnessing natives, who are quickly in disagreement over the outsider’s arrival and what it signifies. Thus begins a journey of adventure, mystery, conflict, and drama.

We also have an exciting cast lined up for Runestone! Confirmed cast currently includes: Conan Stevens (The Hobbit, Game of Thrones), Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), James C. Burns (Transformers, Call of Duty – Black Ops.), and Frank Collison (The Village, O Brother Where Art Thou).

You can check out the facebook page for Runestone here:

And here is a link to the short teaser video: Runestone Teaser Video


In other news, I’ve been so busy that I’ve made the decision not to attend Norwescon this year. Hopefully I’ll make it next year. I’m just trying to cram too much into my schedule right now!

In addition to working on Runestone, I’ve been working on some drawings and am planning on having them printed on some child sized T’s, onesies, and by popular request some adult sized t-shirts as well. Here is one in-progress drawing:


  I’ve also been busy working on a special project for my marvelous acupuncturist, Sharon Rose of Rose City Acupuncture. Here is a little teaser detail of the work I’m doing (sewing, needle felting, embroidery):


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