See you at Radcon!

Hi there! This is just a quick update to let you know that I’ll be a panelist at RadCon 7 this weekend, in Pasco, Washington. I’ll be getting there on Friday afternoon, and I will be on panels and have some of my artwork for sale in the art show. I will also be doing an art demonstration from 4:15 – 5:15pm on Saturday in the Art Show. I will probably be demonstrating armature-making and sculpting techniques, and perhaps how I do my faux metal painting. I will also have some copies of my coloring book and calendar with me, available for sale.

In addition to my coloring books, I will have some exciting new items for sale in the art show. I will be showing some of the artwork I made while in Mexico last summer, for the first time at a con. They are 8”x8” original mixed media & encaustic on wood, and bidding will start at $40 (or direct sale $50). I also developed a new method of doing prints of my encaustic and multi-media work and will have my first of these prints in the art show. They are on wood, with an encaustic finish, and look more true to the original than paper prints, and they don’t need to be framed! Bidding on these will start at $30 (or direct sale $40).

Here is my schedule of panels for the weekend:

RadCon 7
Itinerary for Vandy Hall

Fri Feb 12 5:30:pm
Fri Feb 12 6:30:pm
Fantasy Coloring Books for Adults
Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore! There has been a recent surge of interest in adult-oriented and fantasy-themed coloring books. Let’s discuss the phenomenon and learn why it’s okay to be coloring those unicorns again.
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Herb Leonhard Kamila Miller Roberta Gregory Scott Brown Vandy Hall
Fri Feb 12 6:45:pm
Fri Feb 12 9:45:pm
Art Jam
Sage Room (Puppets)
Sit down and draw for an hour! Toss around ideas with other artists at Radcon and flex those art muscles. All skill levels are welcome.
Amy Calkins Douglas Herring Durlyn Alexander Herb Leonhard Jeff Sturgeon John Gray Kenneth Siefring L James Martin Cameron Meg James Roberta Gregory Stephanie Law Vandy Hall



Sat Feb 13 10:00:am
Sat Feb 13 11:00:am
Collaborations: Across the Arts
Many endeavors are by nature collaborations – books, graphic novels, and comics combine writing, publishing, and art, audio books are a collaboration with the recording artist, and film combines everything from music to script writing. We sometimes choose more unique collaborations such as paintings where several artists leave their mark on the canvas, or collections of short stories set in a specific world. What are examples of collaborations that have worked well or worked poorly? What skills are needed to successfully collaborate or manage a collaboration? Hear the panelists personal collaboration stories and the most important lessons they have learned when working with others.
Doug Odell Elton Elliott Roberta Gregory Rory Miller Vandy Hall

Sat Feb 13 11:15:am
Sat Feb 13 12:15:pm
Tales of the Working Artist
Can you really make a living as an artist? Our panel of professionals share their stories a nd discuss ways to support yourself by doing what you love.
Herb Leonhard Jeff Sturgeon John Gray Stephanie Law Vandy Hall

Sat Feb 13 12:30:pm
Sat Feb 13 1:30:pm
How Big a Fish Do You Need To Be?
You’re an independent writer. You’re an independent musician. You’re an independent artist. How big do you need to be to make a sustainable living? The traditional track to success has involved the large imprints and labels, but that’s not working so well anymore, particularly not for musicians. Come listen to our pros talk about alternative ways of building your own career niche as an independent creator.
Joyce Reynolds-Ward Kevin Wiley Tom Gondolfi Vandy Hall

Sat Feb 13 1:45:pm
Sat Feb 13 2:45:pm
Making Your Own Way
Living the creative life and making a living at your art seems like the impossible dream to some. There are conventional ways to go about this, but breaking the rules may be just the thing. A discussion on the trials, challenges, and benefits of escaping from the default world’s default choices.
Jennifer Brozek John Lovett Kevin Wiley Tamra Excell Vandy Hall

Sat Feb 13 4:15:pm
Sat Feb 13 5:15:pm
Vandy H. Hall Art Demo
Art Show
Armatures, sculpting, painting

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