Make ALL the Things: Art & Craft Update

Time for a long overdue arts and crafts update and pics of stuff I’ve been working on. And pictures of my cats! And goats!

Winter has begun, I’ve had to deal with the first snow, way early this year, and everyone is hunkering down and keeping warm.





This includes my new-to-me angora goats, Sigma Twist and Zed Twist! That’s right, I’ve got goats! Here is a pic of them, and of a sample from their first sheering.

image image

Both Zed and Sig have really fine mohair, and since they are weathers their mohair should stay “kid quality” for several years. Both were shorn before I got them, and as you can see from the pics, Sig is a bit smaller and was shorn more recently. He is younger, born in May while Zed was born in February. Because Sig is younger, smaller, and more recently shorn he started getting cold during this early cold snap. So i decided to make him a goat coat out of a felted sweater!

image image image

Isn’t he adorable? He was so happy to be warm that he stood still while i put it on him and then did an amazingly cute little goat happy dance with his front legs. 🙂

That’s enough for this post, I’ll continue it in part two!


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