The Last Few Hours of Kickstarter!

I’m down to the last couple of hours of my kickstarter and I’m amazed and SO thankful for my fans and patrons right now! I just broke $7500, and have hopes for a few more last minute backers.

I spent today blowing glass in the freezing weather out at Edgefield in Troutdale. Which is a wonderful place to be, but it has some serious limitations since the big garage doors need to be left open for the public to come in through. This means that every big gust of cold wind blows right in to the stidio and cools the glass we are working almost instantly. Sometimes that makes the difference between a piece of glass making it to the annealer or ending up in the scrap bin. I am SO happy that I will soon have my own studio up to speed so I can make some work in privacy, when it is convenient for me, protected from the weather, and be able to instruct students too. Thank you to all of my backers, you guys really are wonderful and I look forward to sharing my studio with you!

I spent part of today making sample items in different colors to share with my backers so you guys can decide on color choices. I did a few samples several weeks ago but have been so swamped with work and having migraines in between, so I’m just getting around to sharing them. Here is an example of several colors of early medieval drinking glass / bag beaker:


on the left is a really light green (i did darker examples today that I’ll take pictures of once they are out of the annealer), then steel blue, amber, and cobalt blue.

I also took some pictures of  Dalek ornament samples including a new color, light purple!









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