Orycon 36 Panel Schedule

I’m a guest artist again at Orycon this year, and I am going to be on a ton of panels! I’m putting my schedule below so you can find me or my panels while you are at con:


Orycon 36
Itinerary for Hall, Vandy

Fri Nov 7 12:00:pm Fri Nov 7 1:00:pm Ross Island
Inspiration: Homage or Theft?
Inspiration is an important part of developing your own artistic voice. We can’t help but be influenced by those we admire. How does one develop a distinctive style and when does homage go too far?
(*)Tammy Tripp, Vandy Hall, Mark  Roland


Fri Nov 7 1:00:pm Fri Nov 7 2:00:pm Ross Island
Crayons, Pencils, Pens and Stuff – Everybody Draws
Bring paper and non-wet stuff to sketch with. Ask for advice or pointers and meet folks who are passionate about art!
Jeff Sturgeon, Rob Carlos, Vandy Hall, Paul Groendes


Fri Nov 7 2:00:pm Fri Nov 7 3:00:pm Ross Island
Craft as Art
Needle felted sculpture, bead sculpture, embellished bags and boxes, pottery and enamelled buttons. All of these things appear regularly in convention Art Shows. Exploring the confluence of handicraft and art.
Elizabeth Fellows, Debra Stansbury, (*)Vandy Hall, Theresa (Teri) Halbert


Fri Nov 7 4:00:pm Fri Nov 7 5:00:pm Ross Island
Staying In the Groove
How do you gain inspiration? How do you stay motivated? How important is the idea of having a “work ethic”? Does being in the studio prompt the work, or is it inspiration that gets you to the studio?
Tammy Tripp, Rob Carlos, (*)Mark  Roland, Vandy Hall, Jake Richmond, Jeff Sturgeon


Fri Nov 7 8:30:pm Fri Nov 7 10:00:pm Art Show
Art Show Reception
Invitation only reception for Artists and guests.
Durlyn Alexander, Betty Bigelow, Adrian Bourne, Rob Carlos, Vandy Hall, Theresa (Teri) Halbert, Lexlothor LEXY, Paul Groendes, Mark  Roland


Sat Nov 8 11:00:am Sat Nov 8 12:00:pm Ross Island
Art of the Upcycle
Creating with recycled materials and found objects. Turning trash into art.
(*)Lexlothor LEXY, Vandy Hall, Jeff Sturgeon, Debra Stansbury


Sat Nov 8 1:00:pm Sat Nov 8 2:00:pm Ross Island
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
Staying true to your own voice while working on a project with someone else. Developing an idea together.Playing off someone else’s strengths and techniques. Collaboration can be exhilarating, what’s the key to making it work?
Vandy Hall, Leia Weathington, (*)Mark  Roland, Jeff Sturgeon


Sat Nov 8 4:00:pm Sat Nov 8 5:00:pm Ross Island
Editional Printing
It’s always been arguable, whether you buy art because you love it or because it’s a good investment. Decreased printing costs and a plethora of conventions have created an expanded market for prints. Are artists who sell open editions shooting themselves in the foot? Is it a better strategy to issue prints in limited editions only?
Vandy Hall, Durlyn Alexander, Mark  Roland, John R. Gray III


Sun Nov 9 1:00:pm Sun Nov 9 2:00:pm Ross Island
Is It an Original?
Can a digitally created art piece be an original? How do you assess value to a piece that has the potential to be cloned indefinitely? Should all editions be limited? When do you retire a print?
Mark  Roland, Rob Carlos, Lexlothor LEXY, Vandy Hall

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