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Viking Shoes and Problem Solving

Just a quick note on some problem solving I did regarding our leather viking shoes for runestone. All of our viking actors will be in leather viking style shoes. Unfortunately, the leather soles are rather slick. This is one place where not killing our actors had to out-weigh staying a viking purist. The challenge was […]

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Runestone: Viking Material Culture

As an art historian one of my big interests and passions has always been for the material culture of different eras and areas. Recently I have spent a lot (possibly too much?) of time looking into material culture of the Viking age, the little day to day objects that tell us all about how people […]

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Runestone Update!

We have finally gone public with some images of the cast and characters for Runestone, so now I can share some pictures with everyone! Our cast is really looking great! We’ve put together great period-appropriate, yet epic looks using the wide color pallet available to the Vikings.  Contrary to  what many people think, the natural dying of the […]

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