Month: November 2014

Craft Update, part deaux: Orycon

In addition to the kickstarter, new goats, and fuzzy cats that want me to be a lap all of the time, I’ve been making all sorts of stuff, and was a guest panelist at Orycon. Orycon was great this year! I really enjoyed being part of the art show, on […]

Make ALL the Things: Art & Craft Update

Time for a long overdue arts and crafts update and pics of stuff I’ve been working on. And pictures of my cats! And goats! Winter has begun, I’ve had to deal with the first snow, way early this year, and everyone is hunkering down and keeping warm.   This includes […]

The Last Few Hours of Kickstarter!

I’m down to the last couple of hours of my kickstarter and I’m amazed and SO thankful for my fans and patrons right now! I just broke $7500, and have hopes for a few more last minute backers. I spent today blowing glass in the freezing weather out at Edgefield […]

Orycon 36 Panel Schedule

I’m a guest artist again at Orycon this year, and I am going to be on a ton of panels! I’m putting my schedule below so you can find me or my panels while you are at con:   Orycon 36Itinerary for Hall, Vandy Fri Nov 7 12:00:pm Fri Nov […]